98 cali 1100 ev rear wheel

My rear wheel seems too close to swing arm
Is this usual or am I missing something literally a couple of mm gap the tyres probably factory fit according to research

150 or 140 section tyre? Currently got a 140 on mine and it’s a tight fit👍

Yes its a 140 I think its the original factory fit tyre as it the make they come with
It just doesn’t seem much of a gap it’s literally just a couple of mil

mine rubbed on the swing arm on the shaft side, counter intuitively putting more air in the tyre stopped it rubbing.

I run a Bridgestone140/80 BT46 on my ’ 97 1100i and thats spot on. Its worth noting that the quoted tyre sizes are nominal and the actual size can be bigger or smaller. So one manufacturers 150 may fit but another won’t. For example I run a 120 Bridgstone on my Spada instead of the recommended 110 because the actual width is only 115. One has to scrutinise the manufacturers website for this info or talk to a knowledgable dealer.

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