98 guzzi cali clutch replacement

Hi new to guzzi ‘s need to find someone who can replace a clutch in lincs
Bought clutch plates from m&p not sure they’re right tho as they seem to have car type clutches
Cant get a haynes manual as haynes dont do em
Kind getting a bit of a panic on at lack of tech info

Hello Paul, welcome to the forum. Manuals are available on the internet, someone will be along shortly to help you! :+1:

Twiggers are in Loughborough and probably the best in your area for something like that.
If you fancy having a go at it yourself, the old Haynes manual for a T3 etc won’t be much different in proceedure.

Thanks looks like I’m going to have to get clutch plates from italy

Have you tried Gutsibits if you need to purchase parts? If you are taking the bike to a mechanic to carry out the work, I would let them source the parts.
If you need information about your bike, this site is good for owners manuals, workshop manuals, parts books etc

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I’m sure I got my plates from Gutsibits, but it was a while ago. They are worth a try click here

I have bought stainless discs from Germany for my Tonti bike from HMB Guzzi click here

Best wishes Chris

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Did the search thing on m&p site, according to that your’s is 1100 California EV? No, picture doesn’t look right at all - yes Moto Guzzi friction plates look like car clutches, and you need two.
thisoldtractor web site for manuals (downloads).