99.9 to the gallon!

Hi Yawl, my Centenario is just 3000 miles old and I’m riding today in a very wet Galloway. My clocks are giving me multiple spurious readings for the m.p.g. ranging from 26 to 99.
Anyone else noticed this? And is it likely to develop into anything worse?

Yep, I have the V7 850 Special and the mpg readings are utterly useless! So I ignore them. :grin: (Also very annoying there’s no display at all when stationary, just ‘–’, only when moving.) So I use the old-fashioned method, compare mileage to litres at fill-ups.

There are two mpg options, live and average. It will show down to 20s or even below if you ride it hard and 99 if it’s off the throttle (much more common using cruise, if you want to save petrol). The live view is updated constantly so will change rapidly as you change the throttle opening. If you sit at a constant speed it will vary much less, just dip a small print on hills etc.
I have just come back from a 450ish miles round trip from NI to England via Scotland and used the moto Guzzi app/MIA most of the way and it confirms the average mpg. Interestingly if you use the app the live doesn’t top out at 99 when it’s throttle closed, it goes even higher! The app also logs all the live mpg changes in a (very spiky) graph as well as an average mpg curve.
My average is usually around 50mpg with mixed riding. If I ride sensibly with a few cheeky overtakes is up in the 60s, 68mpg is my best on a long run.
Got over 8k on it since I got it last August, oil usage was about 100ml every 1k miles but as the engine has got looser it seems to use less lol :slight_smile:
The app is good when you find out all the features, some of which are undocumented in the app handbook.


Thanks for that, I did 700 miles at the weekend, my first proper trip on the bike, and by the end of it I’d worked out it was a live figure I was watching. Can’t for the life of me think why I’d need to know that info - I need to be watching the road not constantly changing figures!!!:confused::smiley:

Much obliged.:+1:t3:

Just remember to push the Mode button in when you have filled the fuel tank. You will then have the Average Fuel Consumption on that tankful.

Although I did quite like coasting down a long hill and briefly seeing 110 mpg on the Instant display, and on a California 1400 too!! (If only!!)

I find the live figure the most useful since average doesn’t change that much. I usually leave my display on live fuel usage and now have a good idea what speed gives me what mpg and by a quick calculation what tank range I will get if I keep at those speeds.
The display does give a tank range and this updates based on how you ride too (e.g. if you ride fast and it shows 200 miles left then you slow down to 55-60mph it eventually will increase the range figure)… But mine is due to get the fuel gauge fixed next week because it’s reading unreliably so I like to keep a rough idea in my head what’s left anyway.

99.9 will be on the overrun when the throttle is shut off like going down a steep hill, the fuel is not being fed through to the engine but the bike is still going forward, it’s the maximum that the instruments can record.

The live data on the app goes higher than 99, not sure how many people use MIA and the app, i find it pretty useful.

I believe hew was referring to the maximum mpg that could be shown on the TFT screen on the bike not the MG app.