A 2nd Guzzi?

Thinking ahead here, but next year I intend to get a 2nd guzzi for a cafe racer or MGS ‘look-a-like’ project (getting tired of renovating record decks and need a new challenge). Something quite different and something with a personal touch. Any ideas of a good model as a starting point? I was thinking towards a V11, but very open to options and opinions.Â

I think the best looking cafe racers are those that start off looking dated and ugly, that get rejuvenated into something beautiful. The V11 has a timeless beauty about it. Why not start with a big block Breva (BBB)? An early BBB is possibly cheaper now the V11 is appreciating too.

He’s got one of them already Kev !

Yes indeed I have. I am going to leave the Breva as is and I was rather thinking away from the CARC models because they are rather ‘heavy’ looking at the rear with the drive. Not sure they would carry my ideas too well.Â

My point exactly. Get a BBB looking light n racey and you will have done a great job.

Possibly the cheapest tontis will be spadas and T4/5s…generally unloved due to 16 inch fronts…Guzzirider at Gutsibits did a belter using a jackal or Stone…I think…but lately these appear to be holding their money…
then of course theres small blocks of the 650 750 variety…possibly too small for you tho…

late ex police t5 with factory 18" wheels and 40mm forks has to be the ugliest and best to ride? So ideal for a nice cafe job as the factory finally sorted the handling and you get benifits for the later engines and frames

I have spent the winter cleaning up an 02 V11 with the idea of fitting a Ghezzi Brian Sport Monza kit, when I got around to contacting GB for a price and delivery they have told me that they no longer make the Sport Monza kit so I will need to think again.

Import a Loop frame from the USA. They can be really cheap and then ride it for a while, you’ll love it. Then make it what you want - and there won’t be hundreds the same buzzing around either!

Thats a cheeky thing…

ye leave the small blocks alone they are for riding not posing !!

their seems to be an massive upsurge in cafe racers and other custom bikes, I notice that lots of real classics such as BMW R60s et al are getting the same treatment, silly handlebars, tape around the exhaust and bearded riders, of course the value of machines left unmolested will continue to rise, a wise person will be the one going around buying up old panels and parts cheaply, in the same way a friend of mine did with bathtubs and nacelless for triumphs

what does worry me is the amount of these bikes that are promptly put up for sale on ebay and the like so the owner may go on to ever greater works
but thats just my opinion ps last year I assisted a friend to un cafe racer a BMW twin, it was horrible to ride to anywhere other than to the shops, luckily most of the origional stuff came with it ( albeit damaged) he is now riding a nice 90/6 that has gone up in value
and will continue to rise

Have you seen Jim Blomley’s advert in the Jan/ Feb Gambalunga? page 56, wont be cheap but !!
he is based in Golborne just off the A580 east lancs road near Haydock.
he is having a sell out as he is retiring, Heck he is even older than me!

Tonti frame Guzzis are my favourite for cafe racers. Â

Like thisÂ


Still around here and still looking for later this year.Â

Was looking at one of the new BMW 9T while at home the last time and thinking what a beautiful bike, but it could certainly do with some adjustments to add the ‘sweet’ factor. Exhausts for a starter. A kind of rough idea what I am looking at. Much in the same taste as the bike photo posted by jmee54 which is my concept of ‘stunning’.

I shall make this trip away one for taking this ‘in my mind project’ a step closer towards reality. Â


Was looking at one of the new BMW 9T while at home the last time and thinking what a beautiful bike, but it could certainly do with some adjustments to add the ‘sweet’ factor. /quote]
I know a couple of riders with a new BMW 9T and both are impressed with it, if I had to buy a non guzzi bike I think the 9T would be in my slights

I Â know many will mourn the ‘passing’ of a LM III but this is my favourite Guzzi Cafe:



A Centauro can make a good base- you could buy one cheapish, sell the standard bits you do not need and then fit a Daytona tank / bodywork or maybe an MGS01 bodykit like HTM sell in Germany. Â

Yep…a diamond 8 valve motor…