A difficult starting tale

Aye th’ ol V thou was ‘avvin a bit o’ difficulty firin’ up like,

Looked at battery… all OK

The carbs needed a clean and breathers but it still were ‘avin none o’ it

Even new fuel pipes and filters … spendin munny like watter we were.

Now me owd ducks I ‘ad not long put spark plugs innit, bought as proper ones like BUT offn that there e-bay. Naahhh thinks I …I wunder. So went wi’ pounds in me pokkit AYE POUNDS mind you…and got me 2 o the sparkin’ plugs from me dealer like… did the usual, like tek offn the top bit, cos it don’t use 'em, chekked yon gaps, popped 'em in and…AAAAND flick burble fired up nice as y like.

In’t process I ave replaced the fuel pipes right tatered they were too, it has new stuff wot IS ethanol proof AND new filters too.

So me owd mates IF you ‘ave startin problems like me check them there plugs, one looked all knackered like and had not been in long, There are copies or sub standard ones bein’ offered cheap on these here sites.

Still me ol V thou is all nice now, in a lil bit it’ll be getting the Spring spit an polish ready for it’s Summer plumage the ol lass is gerrin on fer 38 this year and she duz me proud she duz…

Is it the case that all new fuel pipe is ethanol proof? I am about to change the fuel pipe on my Cali’, I also intend to get rid of those awful jubilee clips & use the sprung type hose retainers.

LOL getter a latter guzzi with twin plugs! One of the four plugs is bound to work!

I replaced all my plugs but found them cheaper than the dealer by going on line. Opie oils then gave me a price match for Iridium and Platinum plugs

The 4 valve have only single plugs unlike the breva 1100 I had with the inacessable longlife plug between the cylinders

The little platinum plugs are not to bad although i cannot see why you would want to change them every 12500 miles though, they are changed every 30000 in a Ferrari!

No not all fuel pipe is Ethenol you HAVE to ask for it …if it is cheap it ain’t…I found the spring clips cut thro the pipe the best ones are the proper fuel pipe clips which have matal all round and a screw fitment with like a T bar at the screwside they do NOT cut the pipe. One disadvantage of the black fuel pipe is it seems to allow the spring clips and such to cut into it.


By the way the old fuel pipes were very soft and had, as far as I could see , worn away from the inside.

This deposits flaky black gunge in the filters and gets into the carbs.

Well worth the few quid replacing all fuel line that is more than a few yrs old.guzzibear2013-02-25 11:52:48