A LMII described as a LMIII

Looks interesting, loads of good parts on it or not too difficult to put back on the road?
Have a look at the damage to the RH side here
Why the seller thinks it is a LMIII I do not know. :roll_eyes:

Well that didn’t last long, the ad has been pulled as it is “no longer available”

Presumably it was a Mk2 Le-Mans judging by the clocks and rear discs. It certainly isn’t a mk 3.

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Yes indeed, LM 3 has square heads and different bodywork and a big white rev counter in the middle of the dash. It is a LM 1 lookalike based on a LM 2. But it has gone now, probably an insurance write off as that seems to be what the seller specialises in. Someone got a good deal, it had only reached £1k when the ad was pulled. Maybe someone made an offer that they could not refuse?

I rebuilt my Tonti after a bad front end crash that left the headstock bent. I put a spare crankcase in the frame and sent it off to an engineering works in south Essex and they straightened it to the dimensions in the workshop manual. Strangely it seemed to handle better afterwards! :roll_eyes:

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The reg no is listed as NNT533W under vehicle details. Bikes are often pulled before auction ends by this seller. It will probably be back on in the next two weeks with a change in the description.

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It has been relisted as a mk 2 Le-Mans, that must of been why the previous listing was pulled.

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I did point out the errors in their original ad :innocent:

What is fun is that they class it as a “chopper/cruiser”! :roll_eyes:

Yep looks like it’s grounded, though both indicators have bent…I’d love it as a project… but I reckon so would lots of others…

A thread on Pistonheads about that seller.