A Long Distance for a Breakfast Roll

Well the invitation was accepted and the diary updated.
Saturday morning weather wasn’t too suspect, forecast was dry. Out came the bike and on went the foul-weather gear. Just in case, you understand.
At 11:10 rode off the drive and headed for the A15 northbound, through Bourne towards Sleaford. Was ahead of schedule so decided to go into Sleaford for a look see. Hadn’t been through since the bypass was built. Very clear why the town needed that bypass! Then on to Ruskington on B1188 passed Digby and just before Scopwith… Flooded road on a bend and a curtainsider in front.
As the lorry went onto the right side of the road, I thought it very prudent to follow suit. Two approaching cars saw the lorry and had to back up. Next bend: repeat. Should I be turning back? Thought I. Naw, carry on.
Took a right to Nocton and Potterhamworth.
Arrived at Bardney Heritage Centre at 12:40. Not bad.
Then I waited. And waited some more. At around 13:15 as only the proprietors, two cyclists and me present, I ordered and enjoyed, a Breakfast roll and mug of tea. And then at around 13:40, I set off for the return leg back to Peterborough.
The things I do for breakfast roll :joy::joy::joy: