A Loose Screw

Well it was Club night yesterday so out came the machine and off we went.
Just a 10 mile run to the Goat. A pleasant evening with good company and a beverage.
All was well… until it was time to leave.
Inserted the key, turn it, the lights came on, pressed the start button and … blip then silence and darkness!! :rage:
Friends came to assist. What can the matter be?? It started to rain arrrggghh!
We checked the relays were sitting snug, we checked all the fuses they were all good.
Then raised the tool tray to inspect the battery area. Pressed the Earth screw and WHAT the heck! It was LOOSE!
Then I learned that my toolkit is lacking a 10 mm spanner and an Allen key for the side panel covers!!!
With the available pliers, I tightened down that Negative fastener and voila power was available.

Times like these makes you really appreciate the company of bikers.
Thanks to you all, you know who you are. :wave: :wave: :clap:

And I got soaked riding back home but hey its only water :joy: