A272 Horsham to Petersfield

My favourite road for cutting out a lot of the M25 and A3(M) on the way to Portsmouth for the ferry. Just got back from Britanny yesterday evening and decided to return that way too. It was the first time on the road from West to East and is is just as brilliant!

An exhilerating roller coaster ride with a mix of corkscrew dips and climbs, fast bends, tight corners and long straights through fields and woodland. A real treat before getting onto the French roads and a much better way to unwind than sitting on the M25 and A3(M) before getting on the ferry.

Watch out for power rangers and boy racers in chav cars! Even keeping to the speed limits the road is fun!Chris750s2011-06-21 08:38:32

My favourite too! often do Horsham to Loomies then a quick blast up the A3 to home

You are not alone - ever since this book was first published people have even come over from the Netherlands just to drive the A272. It has quite a fan club of all sorts.


I used to be in Bordon, just north of Petersfield, my girlfriend at the time lived in Burgess Hill. I would ride this road on my RD350LC YPVS twice a day for 3 months. Awesome road really enjoyed it. Then happened to be on it again last year from Winchester to Haywards Heath on the way to Folkstone for the ferry.
Thinking about it I may just have to find a reason to go there again.

Only just seen this thread. +1 for the A272. Often use it in conjunction with others on a round trip circuit when ‘just going for a ride’. There are many tighter/slower routes in the Horsham area too which are equally good fun but very different. What they all have in common with the 272 is that overtaking can be quiet a challenge!