About the RULES OF THE FORUM category

By registering on this Forum you agree to abide by it’s Rules!

The rules of the forum are simple

  1. Keep it legal - that includes Copyright infringements and condoning of illegal activities

  2. Keep it above board - do not post anything libellous, discriminatory, immoral, rude or offensive

  3. Keep it friendly - do not post anything that is threatening, ridiculing, vindictive, abusive or offensive to individuals or groups of people (that includes Politics)

  4. Respect others - disagreement is a part of discussion, but there is no reason to be hostile

  5. Posts containing advertising and links to commercial advertising which has not been previously approved will be deleted

  6. Content of any post and unlinked images will become the property of the MGCGB

  7. Private messages are subject to the same rules. In the event of any complaints about misuse of private messages, we may monitor an individual’s messages

  8. Any user who does not keep to these rules and posts something objectionable will get one warning. If the user does not pay attention to the warning and again posts an objectionable message, they will be barred from the forum.

  9. If you have be barred from the forum your Club membership will be reviewed and may be subject to further action.

10.The Moderators will inform you of any actions taken so you can present your side.

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