ABS & Traction control lights permanently on

Whist out riding the ABS & traction control lights came on and the speedo went to 0mph, about 2 miles further on the speedo came back to life but lights remain on. Am I correct in thinking it is probably the sensor on the front forks and is it a straight swap if I fit a new one. The bike has covered 30,000 miles
Any advice gratefully received

Hi Ticker,
Don’t forget that there are two wheel sensors, one on the front wheel and one on the back wheel. The fact that the speedo came back would suggest that the original fault has rectified itself but the ABS and Traction Control faults have latched on. There is a procedure to re-calibrate the Traction Control (used when fitting a new tyre etc). Maybe following that procedure will clear the fault code. If not then, maybe you will need to have the fault reset at a dealer with a PADS programmer. My California Custom has had a couple of odd glitches which have brought up the “Urgent Service” message. Switching the ignition on and off cleared, first the “Urgent” message and then the “Service” message. However they would return every now and then. Connecting it it PADS and clearing all faults cured the problem (the fault being throttle synchronisation) but left me with the need to re-calibrate the Traction Control. I can send you the procedure if you do not have it.



The back sensor fixes the speedo and If you change size of back tyres you have to reset the traction control it happened to me a couple of years ago check your hand book I think you have to ride slowly for about a hundred yards till it resets all the best .