Acewell speedo/tacho

Thinking of buying an Acewell as my current Veglia is broken and the original instrument panel looks too big on my G5 without a large screen to hide it.
Anyone have experience of fitting one? Using cable or wires? Best method of connecting warning lights?


Got one on my Jackal, very good except I can’t get the fuel gauge to read properly. I bought lots of waterproof plug connectors from Ebay, and remade a lot of connections, one by one after taping them into position. Make up a new wiring diagram with coloured pencils first as it’s very easy to get confused (read your Diagrams carefully so you are certain which wire should be + and which negative), and if you have to connect two into one and they are too thick for your connectors use lots of heat shrink sleeve and twist and solder wires together.

Some of the warning lamps require a positive feed, the neutral and oil pressure and brake warning get a positive and then run a wire to the switch on the gearbox or engine or brake master, so it earths through the switch, so simple, indicators get a positive from the indicator switch, whichever side is switched on, then earthed the other side of the lamp, same as the high beam,

The charge light will need a resistor added, as it needs the draw of the equivalent of the normal bulb, or fit a separate normal bulb, rev counter will connect to the coil,
Speedo you can use a cable to wire converter, or a hall sensor, with a magnet on the wheel, best to use more than one magnet, so it’s more smooth at lower speeds, you can adjust the speedo by inputting the distance the wheel travels in one revolution, if you have 2 magnets divide that number by 2, if you have 4 divide by 4, input that number and the speedo will show accurate, you can also set the rev counter so it reads the correct number,

All this should be in the instructions, but it’s not that hard if you work methodicallyianboydsnr2014-06-20 22:15:34

Thanks for the advice. Hopefully the instruction will help me understand better when I start doing it.
As my rev counter has now stopped working to match the speedo I may be doing this sooner than planned.
Any suggestions on what is a good way to mount the ignition switch?

Acewell supply a very neat speedo cable conversion, which looks like a thin cable except it’s a wire into a sensor running off the bike’s gearbox speedo drive.
Still haven’t worked out how to set up my fuel gauge…

Well received speedo today, sadly lacking any instructions, other than a wiring diagram, so any help welcome.
Will it do any damage if I accidentally connect positive/negative round the wrong way?
What I hope to connect are: oil, neutral, high beam, indicators.
The wiring diagrams I have looked at seem to contradict what I think was on there before I took it apart: neutral having purple and red wires on bike but purple and black on diagrams?

Look on the British website, as I recall there were good instructions there for each model

Other than user manual I have only found wiring diagram which I am working through gradually. Think I have worked out what colour wire goes where.
One problem I have is indicators have stopped flashing. They were flashing ok when tested earlier. They always have been connected even when key is turned off which is a pain when you take the key out and they still flash.