Additional Lighting Options

I currently have some small LED spotlights (unbranded - 10W) which do make a difference (main beam is pants), but I would like something a bit better but can’t afford Clearwater. The size also is important as they are fitted to the side of the nose fairing.

I have thought about doubling up and having 4 spotlights

Does anyone have any suggestions for a way of improving things?

I thought the mini spots were all about being seen, not the seeing? Would you be better off upgrading your main lamps?

The actual light is not a traditional round light, so that would be a bit of a project. The main beam bulb is a 100w currently, dip is usual wattage.

Have nothing against folk trying to make themselves more visible , but it does piss me off when bikes are fitted with extra lights that blind oncoming traffic, even in the daylight hours.

Sad to say I’ve seen this too :frowning:

7" round headlight on the Griso is pants too
and because the shell is so flat from front to back you cant put in a good quality led bulb (like Auxito)
I am waiting to invest in a JD Speaker LED headlight from Sportouring

  • but JW SPeaker are very expensive lights :astonished: so it wont be too soon

So until then i have a pair of cheap 4w led spots on the headlight mounts they are tilted down to ensure they don’t glare
but they give enough infil light that i can see the road and don’t get disorientated when i get oncoming main beams :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

had to get the glare checked by a mate in a car day and night -but it is worth it - glare is a bstard!

Strangely, I have two gripes here.

Cyclist LED’s are ridiculously bright and often aimed straight at oncoming traffic. (No dim/dip requirement?)

The other is the increasing reliance on “auto-dim/dip” which does not work. Increasing number of dazzle incidents.

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I went for an LED bulb with all the gubbins out front - like this one:
It definitely fits inside a Griso headlamp shell, I’ve had a couple of MOTs since with no problems & the cut off is pretty good with lots more light to boot. They don’t seem to sell the actual one I bought any more (current offerings have a higher wattage) and also only seem to do a two bulb pack now.

I’ve bought and tried so many ‘cheap’ LED Spots/Floods over the years, that I could have just stumped up for a decent Pair (which I did eventually anyway!).

Best money I’ve ever spent on a Bike, no question.

Went with the Rigid Industries D-Series Pro.
Instant daylight is no exaggeration! :astonished: :open_mouth:

Wired to come on only with the Main Beams.
Only downside is, when you’re on a really dark road, when you have to dip your lights, it shows up just how pathetic the Dip Beams are (2009 Stelvio).
I have an HID Kit to fit in one Headlight (recommended to be plenty of improvement).

I wired my spots to be be independant of hi or low so i could use them as infill lighting so when i encounter approaching traffic and dip and get blinded by the traffic …i can still see the whiteline/cats eyes/ etc marking the carriageway.

But as I have a GRiSO with a 7" shell i have now fitted a Stedi LED headlight for £220 - bloody lovely
and the spots are not really necessary