Adjustable levers for v7 iii

Among my many deficiencies, I have small, elderly hands. The levers of my 2018 v7 iii are a stretch and this is causing pain to my thumb joint. Is anyone able to recommend any adjustable levers? Guzzi’s own look ok but are quite expensive- more than £300 for a pair.


I don’t know if the V7 2018 master cylinder is the same as the Breva & Nevada 750s, but the Yamaha FZ/Fazed 600/800 & MT07/09/10 OEM front brake levers fit. They are slightly longer and have span adjustment.

Good morning Brian, Regards your pain… I have sent you a personal message… I hope that it gives you food for thought… Regards, Tony

Thanks both. I shall investigate both possibilities. Fingers crossed…


After much research, I bought some Pazzo adjustable levers. They are made in Canada but readily available in the UK. Easy to fit, well made, stylish and functional. They were about half the price of the Guzzi levers, have more adjustments and look much better quality.

I am just back from a 50 mile test run through windy country lanes, and urban and A roads, They are a great improvement over the original levers for me. The reduced span has stopped me over-reaching and taken the pressure off my aged thumb joint. Fingers still crossed but less so…

Progress report: some 500 town and country miles later, over the past month, I thank that the adjustable levers have done the trick. I have just returned from a 2 hour “bimble” free of any aches or pains. One very happy old man…