Adjusters on the diaphragm, for pumper jet carbs

Does anybody know the best way to set the adjusters on the diaphragm on pumper carbs on PHF Dell’Orto’s?

I would assume that screwing them incrementally to different (accurate) positions and test riding would be the best way without a dyno, but according to Haynes, they are pre-set at the factory, so no help there.

I just wondered if there were any “guideline” starter settings?

ReggieV2014-06-23 19:49:56

about 4cc per 20 squirts i believe, although Ducati owners seem to favour 5cc although the red paint on them probably indicates that they dont expect you to adjust them…

various suggestions on how you might measure it on this thread… 09:59:27

Thanks Neil, that was very useful, I shall use that method to check mine.