Advanced brake pedal (again)

I know it has been discussed before on these pages but, does anyone have any pictures of the Advanced Moto rear brake pedal mod for the footboard Guzzis. Due to my replacement knees have found the standard pedal literally a pain to use and would like to fabricate a replacement.
Cheers, Gerry.

Hi Gerry
Not sure if Mo ever took this any further:-
Edit; Found this with an image search

My Cali III is an FF with a full touring fairing so the Advanced Moto wouldn’t fit.

I fabricated a replacement which is heel operated so you can still keep your foot safely on the running board.

I have one on my Convert. I can post pictures if you need to see one fitted. It could have been made a little more aesthetically pleasing, but it works fine.

Thanks for the replies, the pic from Don is the one I wanted, don’t think the heel operated one would be sensitive enough to my size tens, if you have the pics of your one, Jim, would appreciate. Planning to make a modified version, avoiding the front crash bar problem by slotting the footboard and angling the footpad slightly differently. Just love the science of ergonomics.
Cheers, Gerry.

Sorry I forgot about this post. If you want a picture of mine in situ I’ll do one tomorrow.

I did speak to my friend about this and. He stole my advanced lever to make a pattern jig. I told him to make it in round stainless with a diamond type finish on the pedal as on the original I had 2 problems, the whole thing bending and rattling on the exhaust and the rubber pedal disappearing.
He then got a large contract and it got nudged to the end of the bench. I will speak to. Him again but I believe someone said the pivot bushes can be different sizes not a big problem but stainless is expensive and if he is only going to sell 3 it ain’t worth it.
If he can sell a good few he hopes to keep it around 100 euro plus post

Put me down for one if ever the project gets off the ground.
As has been politely said, the pictured advanced brake pedal must be the most godawful looking part ever to be expected to grace a Guzzi, it looks like it’s been lifted from a 1950’s lawnmower…I’ve seen one in the flesh on Bob Berwick’s Cali. I know the designer was a yank who is no longer with us, but that’s no excuse.

My friend is talented and will beautify as much as possible but once mounted you can’t really see it.

I’ll go for one too, Mo. if it gets into production.Have so many projects on the go at the moment, no spare time to fabricate.
Cheers, Gerry.

If this is likely to come off, it would be worthwhile sharing on other forums, Facebook pages etc if it is a numbers game to make it worthwhile doing.
Many people have talked about making these, but never got further.