Advice ref. 2019 V7 III Special


I bought a gorgeous looking Blue 2019 V7 III Special new and and never been pleased with two things:
1 - Vibration through bars at all speeds and worse around 3500 rpm
2 - Rear Brake is completely ineffective

It has only 1300 mls on it and I recently took it to a dealer for an annual service (oil change !) and asked them to check both items.
Their response was that they all vibrate and the brake is known to be useless …

I bought this bike without a test drive of the model as I had previously had a 1980 T3 and my friend had a 6 yr old V7 which he loves.
All the reports indicated that this was a nice, comfortable and almost vibration free bike which is not as I have found.
Has anyone had the same issues and had an improvement somehow ?

Any advice (apart from selling it which I am near to doing) will be welcomed.


Dave T

Hi Dave,

I have a V7 II not a III so a bit different but I don’t experiance any of your problems.

Whilst I think the rear brake is good, Hubby says you are used to linked brakes from your T3, so it will fee a lot less effective.

There is a very good Facebook Group dedicated just to the V7s (Moto Guzzi V7 UK ) which I think is your best bet to ask if you are on FB.

Also worth asking on the Scottish Branch Forum page for advice.

Good luck, and don’t sell it, they are lovely bikes

Cheers Uki

Hi Uki,

I agree that it is a lovely “looking” bike and really do hope that I can be happier with it.

Thanks for your reply and suggestions

Dave T

Aluminium bars will absorb a different frequency to a steel bar.
A Renthal 754 from may resolve or move the problem to a rev range that is less intrusive. I know one rider that is pleased with his on his V7ii.

you need to run it in
its done no miles and is tight
my breva was like that, also rev it hard, its not a harley davidson they thrive on revs
mine took until about 6k to loosen up and the vibes moved up the rev range

The bars really shouldn’t cause an intrusive vibration, have you ruled out rough running or as above it needs miles to loosen up.
Anyway, a friend of mine with an early BMW XR, notorious for vibey bars, cured the vibes totally by gluing a hefty amount of lead shot (still available?) inside each end.

The rear brake could be as simple as lever adjustment through to different pads

Thanks for all your replies and advice.

It seems that I need to just use it and review later after more miles have been put on it …

I was more concerned that something wasn’t set correctly e.g. valves or fuel mapping and wanted that sorted before the Warranty runs out in November 2020 (as it’s actually a 2018 bike not 2019 as I mistakenly entered) but that seems unlikely now.

Thanks again.

My Ural has bar end weights for the same reason. My R80 didn’t but was virtually impossible to ride at 65 - 70 mph, below or above, fine. (And not just the bars vibrating.)

The rear brake could be as simple as lever adjustment through to different pads

Again, EBC semi-sintered transformed the Ural brakes. The original organic are hopeless, altho th front ot too bad.

Also, brakes need bedding in which can take a surprisingly long time!