Agreed Value Insurance

Hi all, I am eager to ride my newly acquired '85 Moto Guzzi Le Mans 3 on the road.
Who I can get a valuation on the bike, that an insurance company will recognise?
Can you recommend a couple of Insurance companies who insure Classic bikes?

You need to talk to Keith Nock Email he is the club machine dating officer. As to value that is a huge jar of worms. It really is what people are prepared to pay for it. You will get as many different valuations on here as the number of answers.

Mk III Le Mans are increasing in value so do not under insure it on the basis of cost of premium as if it is lost or broken you will find it very hard to replace it.

Personally I would not like to put a figure on it’s value.

Good luck

Chris Cumbers
MGCGB Branch Liaison Officer

Carole Nash and Peter James have agreed value classic policies. Probably others too.
I have used both of the above and submitted my own valuation with photos which they accepted.
I think if the value exceeds a threshold they may ask for independent verification but will guide you to who can do it.

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I’ve used Carole Nash, and submitted the valuation form & 4 photos, which you have todo at every renewal.

Happily, I can’t tell you if it works because I’ve not had to claim.

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Thanks Chris, Simon and ranton_rambler that is good info.

bikesure do as well, same requirements of sending photos etc.