Airone wreckage on ebay

I saw an Airone onEbay marked up as a Possible Falcone
its the main backbone of the frame along with the bottom half of the engine, no barrels head or carb
on close inspection the crankcase has taken a hit
he wants 500 quid or has started the auction at that
I thought about it for a while but decided its best weighed in for scrap, if I buy it
been caught before with an engine that was a load of worn out clapped bits bolted together
but if any one is interested here it is|parentrq%3A0bff99e71650aa47f165f7b3ffffdfdf|iid%3A1

It’s hardly even a project. Just a stating point. No wheels, no seat, tank, forks etc. And as you say, how can you know that what you are buying is not scrap ?

Certainly not worth the £500 that he is asking, but thanks for posting it here.

I posted it on the Google Guzzi singles group and one member from Canada is interested. The buyer will not export it and so he is asking if anyone in the UK will buy it here and ship it to him!

Bristol is a bit far for me to make the initial collection. Noted that this is an auction and not buy it now so we’d need to know what max bid we were punting also … ?