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Just found Mick Walker Moto Guzzi Twins Restoration on Google Books, Preview only Not complete but a good chunk of the book is available on line.

Details of paint codes here.Paint codesDutch Guzzi club site. Looks like it has a lot of good info if only I could read it!Another regular one is frame number:Frame numbers

Don-Spada2012-10-18 22:59:24

Can anyone assist in pointing me to the correct manual for a California Vintage 2007? I have looked at the various manuals and thought I had the right one from It is for the EV, Special, Sport, Jackal and Stone, and it looks mostly correct. However it has a picture of the fuel pump outside the tank, whereas mine is inside; also mine has an extra gearbox drain plug on the rear gearbox casing, which I cannot find pictured in the manual.

Any help greatly appreciated, I am trying to do a 24,000 mile service at the moment and need to be confident I am reading the right data on things like tappet clearance, oil types, etc

Torque specs can be found here

Torque specs

These are for the T3 etc but should suit most models.Don-Spada2014-06-06 09:25:16

& another site Motogoose.comÂ