Alternative for Speedo sensor

Has anyone swapped out their original speedo sensor for an alternative one such as a AceWell Acewell - Acewell Accessories and Sensors - Speed Sensors - Magnet type - ACE-S9 3 wire hall sensor | Digi dash | Digital Speedomter | Motorcycle Computer except this one the cable outlet goes the wrong way :frowning: at the moment it is trying to find a suitable sensor in the right size and crank position sensors are the best choice at the moment.

What Year Brian, and do you have ABS?

Non ABS Stelvios only have a Sensor on the Rear Wheel, back face of the CARC Unit, it ‘counts’ the Disc Bolts.

ABS models have a Sensor on each Wheel (obviously!), with ‘conventional’ Sensor Rings.
Front one does the Speed Sensor duties.
Changing it may mess up the ABS.

Why do you want to change it?

The main reason for finding an alternative is that I am going though these sensors about one every year and half, usually winter time due to the water getting in (even after adding extra sealant around the cap area and cable shroud). Think I must have had about 4 or 5 now and they are getting more expensive and less places to get them from. Use to get an Aprilia one as well as the Guzzi one (same part number).

I just don’t like having to spend a lot on a sensor regularly that should be waterproof.