Alternative rear master cylinder mount?

I’m building a cafe racer, hoping to get something like the Axel Budde bikes (Kaffee-Maschine)

I’m not sure how the rear master cylinder mounts on the swing-arm bolt. Does anyone have any inf?
ThanksMr Noisy2012-10-24 12:15:05

It looks like a specially manufactured part with 2 threaded holes to take the m/c bolts, a bit technical as the nut acts as a locking nut for the S/A adjusting screws and has a very fine thread. Might be better to weld a bracket in the V of the frame above it and hang the m/c from that.G. PS where is the battery?
Duffo2012-10-24 17:04:30

Either that or get a set of pedals and pegs from Guzzi Motobox. They take the place of the locking nuts and you can then weld a bracket on the rear downtube of the frame and mount an inclined M/C to that.You can see that type and also offset ones on their website’s endurance racer page:[quote]PS where is the battery?
[/quote]78 x AA batteries in the frame tubes - anything for a clean look eh?

guzzijack2012-10-24 20:07:59

And where is the reservoir for the master cylinder?

I’ve other photos - it looks as though that is under the seat - probably needing removal to check. The battery os often under the gearbox - thats another challenge too!Mr Noisy2012-10-25 13:49:27

Thats a great link - I wasn’t aware of them, and some of their parts would be just the job - I dont really have any fabraication skills myself

The owner Manel Segarra understands English as well.Here’s a link to an article on George Dockray’s ‘Franken Guzzi’ cafe racer loosely based on the DECCLA racers that you might find interesting: doesn’t tell the whole story though as it’s not just the lower frame rails that are deleted. George has also done what most of the DECCLA endurance racer Guzzis have had done and shortened the front downtubes and mounted them to a spine frame timing cover, plus used custom gearbox mounts/tubes. Really puts the engine ‘out there’!George is a very approachable guy and I can pass you his email addy if you want to contact him.Here’s a DECCLA racer and you can see what I mean bit more clearly:

guzzijack2012-10-25 15:24:12

That would be great. PM sent. That Deccla machine has a lot of the features I’m after :slight_smile: