Alwyn Lad Where You Now? :smiley:

Away Liking Welsh Ysteddfod Now.
OK, wrong spelling but I tried.

Tis good to know that Alwyns wellbeing is still a concern for all serious Guzzisti.
I am told…for I am not he, nor Larry nor Lawrence, that the Eistedffffford? went well, but he’s still not his Uncle’s nieces son, but has had quite a year, and passes on, if not his, but someones, best wishes to all of you.

He is Always Late With Your News…Sometimes…

He Apparently Likes Wearing Your Nightie.
Who’d 've thought it.

Alas Little We of You are Notified. (sorry Yoda).

oh yes, he Always Liked Weird Youthful Nights… he (I’m told…) Also Looks Wonderful Yonder Nude…

Good to hear he’s still about. I think :blush:

Always Local When You’re Needy
Laurie good to see you here :smiley:

After Little Wait, You’re Next :smiley:

A Little White’n’Yellow Nougat.

All Loose Wimmin Yodel Noisily

At Last Winning, Young Ned.

A Light Wind, Yet Nippy.

Amateur Local Weatherman Yearns Notoriety

Amazingly Little Woman, Yet Nice.

Abundant lice worry your nurse.

A Little White Yoghurt Now.

Adding Little With Your Nincompoopery :wink:

Any Lettuce With Your Noodles.