Ammeter? Voltmeter?

I’m just wondering if there is any advantage to fitting either of these to my V7 Classic. Could be I’m just getting nostalgic for the sight of a needle flickering back and forth as I switch the engine on!

None. I replaced the one on my MK111 with a clock, which you already have.

You’re right Bob, cosmetic and reminiscence purposes only
Have fun

My Cali III FF has a voltmeter as standard and all it does is give me something else to worry about :slight_smile:.

OK, that would be a “no” then! Cheers

im thinking of fitting volt metre ,as I had me alternator pack up .

Hi Johhno,
I’ve been considering one of these for the T3.
Have heard plenty of good reports about them.
Battery monitorguzzibrat2014-05-31 18:51:22 i use one of these on my v7 racer

sergio2014-06-10 09:58:10

It wont stop it packing up and will tell you little more than your ignition (battery charging) light does.