Andorra - worth a visit?

Me and my good lady are off to Barcelona int’ car this year via Santander/Bilbao and thought that while we’re down that way we could go to Andorra.

Has anyone been there in the summer (ie not skiing) and is it worth the diversion to go?



Not exactly a tourist hot spot in the summer…but theres a motorcycle dealer every third building!!!

The area is beautiful but the town itself I found grubby and unremarkable, may be worth a visit to stock up on cheap tobacco or booze if that takes your fancy.

Honestly I would not bother it’s a grubby hellhole in my opinion and the motorcycle clothing etc is not any cheaper than say M@P in uk.But the roads in and out of the place are superb on a bike.

On a bike the roads are excellent, as a destination I’d not bother

When i passed through some years ago i thought that the motorcycle clothing retailers offered really good savings over uk purchases, worth checking what the current situation is if you need new kit.


Was there in 2013. Decent camp site just above the football ground just outside the town centre. Some decent kit dealers in the town and its a bit petrol head central. Some nice riding in the mountains around the town. Well worth a visit for the round about art work if nothing else :slight_smile: Depending where you’re coming from it could easily be included in a route into Spain. Bear in mind Andorra is not EU, so customs rules on booze and fags are much more restrictive - but prices are attractive i.e. approx £8 for a bottle of Vodka.