Another failed attempt

This site…l cannot be alone in this…its almost impossible to use…l give up


and yet, you seem to have succeeded in telling us that you give up!

is there anything particular about the forum that we might (try to) help you with?


@Motoguzzitrev1 what’s up fella? there really isn’t anything wrong with this ‘site’ or perhaps you mean forum?

OK I’ll chime in here: yesterday I was going to post something in the 2024 ‘What did you do…’ thread, which I know exists because I’ve seen it, unless it was a dream. But I could not find it in the General Discussion menu, (only the last year’s one). So I could only access it by finding the post that Barry (I think?) helpfully put up.
It’s me being senile and decrepit no doubt, but it seems odd.


a good way to find that thread, @retrodog54 , would be to tap “2024” into the search :mag_right: box. it won’t be the only result, but you’ll see it. :sunglasses:

Yes that works, as long as you realise that you might have to scroll down the list of search results to see the relevant one (for me it was right at the bottom of the list).
Thanks Barry

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looks like you failed sucessfully though :slight_smile:

With all new online systems they take a while to get used to. Once you have used them a few times they become like second nature!

If you are finding navigating your way around the forum difficult, just ask and those more familiar with the site will help guide your way.

Best wishes Chris :+1:

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Thanks Chris, please excuse my negativity

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Hello Trev.
As you found your first message difficult to post etc this is just to say that my first attempt before Christmas was an absolute disaster.
I do not want to type anymore.I will see if this sends.Now where is the send icon.
Wishing myself luck…

I reckon it sent pal :laughing:

I completely agree with you Motoguzzitrev1.
Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

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I dont do any social media (facebook etc) and being a new guzzi owner, the forum is my only point of contact. Ive been using it since the middle of last summer and im slowly finding my way with it. Its just practice for me, im no techno wizz but slowly finding my way around the forum :+1:


At least you managed to get you name changed from Tempxxx, which more than I have achieved so far! Why it’s not part of the setup is beyond me and last time I checked, the ‘refer to site admin’ suggestion to effect a change was tricky, as the site admin position was open.

@GrisoBoy - curious name to pick in the first place! there’s facility to edit your username in the settings - have you tried this unsuccessfully? if not, let us know if you’re on phone or laptop (etc) and we’ll try and assist you.

Gary, thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one struggling

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Thanks Barry, I’ve taken yet another trip around the settings and cannot see any option to change my username. I’m not unfamiliar with IT, but this option seems extraordinarily difficult to find and I did see a post earlier that it isn’t a user-serviceable option.
I agree the username is weird - system generated, not my choice!
If you can (briefly) tell me where it is located under the tabs visible by clicking on the User button in the top RH corner of the screen, that would be marvellous!

I have to agree with motoguzzitrev1 this is the worst site I visit !!!
I belong to a few other bike websites and this is the hardest to navigate round ! I know I’m an " oldie " and am not very computer wise , but I manage with the other sites I visit .


instructions for phone follow (you didn’t respond to the question about device type)

  1. from main forum page, click on your ‘profile picture’ at top right

  2. on next screen click on ‘person’ icon at lower right

  3. click on Preferences

  4. see option to change username (and upload a profile picture) - SAVE changes is down the page a little

if you don’t see these options, or get errors, please report back with detail - or, if fails, let me know your chosen username* (choice 1 and choice 2 please, we may already have someone with your given name)

  • by message, ideally: clicked on my profile picture to see button to Message

if you are having difficulties and need help, please describe how and we’ll try to assist, but a forum is essentially: See post, reply to post … and you’ve succeeded in that here.