Another newbie in Gloucestershire

Hi all,
I traded a Super Tenere for a '19 V85TT in the middle of last year. Very pleased with it so far although I haven’t done many miles as yet. It’s got about 6500 on the clock now, about 500 by me.
I had a ride out yesterday (New Years Day) and went to a local Classic Car meet plus the local Bikers Nite lunchtime do as well, hopefully a sign of many more miles in the saddle. My previous Guzzi’s were a Cali 3 and Cali 1100i. Went all over the UK on both plus France a couple of times and Paul Ricard for the Bol D’Or on the 1100i. Much more to come I hope.

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Welcome Trev. Enjoy the new bike :+1: