Another question about monza paint colours

Last time I posted a topic about my V50 monza 1 colours it sounded as though there might be a few out there with fairly origina Monza’s. My question this time is what colour is the swing arm?. Some photos I see have an almost cream colour whereas I always thought it would be metalic silver. Just trying to get it as close to original as I can. Any pointers gratefully received.



I should also add that I have an old ratty early nevada with a similar creamy colour swingarm

Mine was a very pale grey colour.

Mine is black, but has been resprayed - looks nice though

Mine had the remnants of a pale creamy colour before I stripped it but dont know if it was original, however I cant imagine anybody voluntarily painting it that colour. Strangely my recently acquired replacement gearbox from an imported Japanese V400 was also painted this colour so I have to assume its a factory original colour. Its the first time I`ve seen a painted gearbox in anything other than black. Various pictures on the web show many colours but some do seem to be this odd creamy colour


Thanks all

Not sure what to do. May keep to Silver. Can’t quite get my head around the cream or light grey but I think I know what you mean. My Nevada gearbox and engine is this cream colour which I assume was original. The swing arm was aluminium on this one.

Who knows?

Thanks all the same