Another Tick Over Problem - 1200 sport


2008 1200 Sport 2V.

The lamba sensor was replaced a few months ago by my local dealer.

On getting the bike back, when starting from cold it revs to approx. 1500 then settles back to 1000 - 1100 revs.

When staring from hot it rises to approx. 2000 stay there for a few seconds then drop back to 1000 -1100 revs.

Also when throttling off it stops at 2000 revs, again stays there for a few seconds the drops to 1000 - 1100 revs.

Dealer took it back but unable to resolve the problem.

Anybody got any ideas what the problem could be.


Wrong sensor,Or its probaly gone .Ask them to change it.
If its the only thing that was changed


I’ve heard reports of stepper motor problems with some 1200 sports, so that could be a possibility if it has gone faulty or caused an air leak perhaps (hose disconnected/split?). The dealer should be aware of any issues. It’s most likely to be something that was disturbed or replaced when it was in the dealer previously if the fault has developed since going there, so that would be the best place to start looking. Although the Lambda sensor is in the exhaust, something may have been disturbed when disconnecting and reconnecting the wiring.

Is there any loss of performance, flat spots, popping through exhaust etc, particularly when the engine is warm but on a cooler day? That might give a clue to it being a lean mixture problem.

There are many variables that could cause what you are experiencing and it will be very difficult to diagnose accurately via a forum. Be prepared to be patient, it could take a while to resolve. Best of luck.


Assuming they only changed the O2 sensor, the connector is roughly behind the starter motor, so nothing else ought to have been affected.
If the fault was there as soon as you got the bike back, then almost certainly it’s something they did.
Yes the stepper motor has been known to cause a high tickover, especially if it is sticking. Many people, including me on the Norge, have organised a way of turning off the air bleed once the engine is warm.
As you seem to be in Scotland, I know you are not flush with dealers, but there is a guy called Mel Robinson who used to be a Guzzi dealer, and who is a fuel injection expert. You might be able to get his contact details on the Scottish Branch section of this forum, or one of the regular Scots may reply here.

Brain, is there a thread relating to the air bleed shut off. When its cold weather my Norge runs with a high tickover sometimes. most disconcerting when shutting the throttle comingto junction expecting engine breaking.
As to the original thread I would agree that the issue must have been created by the dealer in changing the Lambda sensor.

have you cleaned the throttle bodies out, if you get a layer of dirt / oil it reduces the air gap between the body and butterfly causeing the ecu to over compensate with idle adjustments

To be honest if it is a newish bike and still under warranty take it back to the dealership bud if you mess with it yourself you may invalidate warranty.

Was this happening before the sensor was replaced ? Check for leaks on the exhaust and intake system.

Lots of information on the net for testing the lambda sensor.

Cheers guys for all the info.

Picking up on some of the points made:

I have details for Mel however he’s in Glasgow and I’m in Aberdeen, bit of a hike between the two.

The local dealer, is a Guzzi dealer no more, I assume they still have the diagnostic equipment for Guzzi’s, but since they couldn’t fix the problem before can’t see the point of taking it back to them.

On saying that they didn’t manage to stop the bike from initially settling at 2000 rpm before dropping to 1000 rpm at idle, but they did resolve the problem when rolling off the throttle, the revs did immediately drop to 1000 rpm, however the problem of initally settling to 2000 rpm at roll off then dropping to 1000 rpm has now returned.

Further, the drain tube from the air box with the plug on the end, small amounts of water collect in it, the manual does say to clear the tube every few months, is it normal for water to drain from the air box, could this be an indication to the rev problem as I never had any water drain from the Griso’s air box.

Also, given the fact there is no ‘dealer’ in the north of Scotland now, and I’ve no problems with working on the bike, would diagnotic software such as Ducatidiag help me in fixing engine management problems myself.

Taking on the comment that the replacement lambda sensor could be faulty, I’ve sent away for another one.

As Brian said the connection is behind the starter motor, it seems a bugger to get to, has the motor got to be removed.



To be honest Mel ain’t that far away considering what the bloke knows.
He ain’t a Guzzi specialist though he knows plenty, he is a fuel injection specialst, and that sounds like what you need.
Plenty on this forum will tell you he is very good.

Yes Ducatidiag will help you, find it here.You will need a kkl lead like this one and an OBD lead like this one
License request here

I hope you didnt pay guzzi price for lambda see post.

That will be the dunces in Crown Street then.
If you are ever over in my neck of the woods (IV7) pop by for a chat about efi - I >may< be able to assist.
Mad Farquhar2012-05-03 12:26:29


Thanks for the Ducatidiag info.

Didn’t pay Guzzi price for the lambda sensor, got one off ebay for £40.00.


Thanks for the invite.

When heading west, I’ll give you a shout.