Anyone bought one yet?

Just posting something, as didn’t like to see the topic sitting empty.

I was in my local Guzzi dealer with my V7 and just borrowed a Bobber for a few minutes to nip up the road, so can’t really give any meaningful review. I did speak to a chap who had a test ride that day and said he was ordering a red Roamer.

The dealer also had some snazzy open face helmets that were in the various colour schemes of the Bobber and Roamer. I wasn’t aware of these before. Looked quite good.

lt’s hard to find a Roamer test bike they all seem to be Bobbers don’t like the mat finish on these

I thought it was a good review in the Club mag and agree with the conclusion of the author - put the engine in a V7 and you’d have a cracker!

Yes, I have bought one, and having just been to the 25th Kupferpaste it now has 1700 miles on the clock. All OK except the seat, on which the jury is still out … the handling and roadholding are well up to scratch, and the engine, being tuned for torque rather than horsepower, is just how I like it. It’s also reassuringly economical (71-80 mpg) so the 15 litre tank can furnish over 200 miles range, which is rather more than the seat can support. The USB port is a useful touch and there are a number of different displays on the speedo giving different trips and MPG indicators etc to keep one amused. ABS and two stage traction control come as standard. Finish is good and so far easy to clean. I am not a fan of matt black paint finishes so looked at the Bobber but no more. However a very brief spin on the Bobber showed no real issues with the fat front tyre so if that’s your bag it’ll be fine. A full road test in Gambalunga soon.

Cheers Mike. Useful mini review with lots of useful feedback.

Corsa have their ex-demo Bobber for sale at £6,999. The missus likes the look of that one.


Did test the V9 bobber and took awhile to get comfortable. Feet position not bad for a short fat bloke :slight_smile: me.
maybe i should have took for a longer test, only had 1/2 hour or so.

There’s a test of the Roamer in this months Ride Magazine

Yep, I’ve bought a red Roamer. So far, I am loving it, though still getting used to it. About 500 miles covered so far. Nice torquey motor, and sounds lovely. Seat is a bit hard, but I have found it much more comfortable than I expected it to be. However, the seat is rather short if you are intending to travel two up, and the pillion pegs are rather high. Windblast becomes an issue above 70mph, but not sure if adding a screen will spoil its looks. And that brings me round to its only other problem, it is so gorgeous, it really does need to reside in the living room! Oh, and you can’t buy a yellow one.

That’s the attraction of the matt black Bobber or the V7 Stone in black. They both look just as good show room clean or caked up with post tour grime.

If it was the same minimalist screen as fitted to the Bellagio it 1. works and 2. adds to the looks.

There is a better seat on 2017 model and the large screen on the bike at the NEC looked good. Fred

Has anyone ridden a v7 111 and a v9 roamer to compare the similarities and differences between the two? I prefer the looks of the v7 but if the roamer was significantly better in any areas that would influence any purchase. I will obviously try to test ride both if possible just thought I’d ask the question. Cheers . Dougie.