Audace - 6 months on

So its 6 months on and nearly 3000 miles. Can honestly say its been great, a lot of commuting which has proved slow speed control and clutch are excellent. Bike didn’t get hot in the summer and the low down grunt makes it easy on the gears. Brakes keep on top of the weight fine.

On a run on good roads its an easy ride certainly up to legal speeds.

Suspension a little harsh and forks will bottom out on a bad pothole, more adjustment would be good.
40 mpg on a run, low 30’s in town, finish looks good and no oil used since the run in check.

The engine light came on once or twice for a day or 2 a while back but the bike was fine, hasn’t re appeared - I guess it proves its Italian!

Every other time i stop for petrol or a cuppa someone will ask me ‘what is it mister’ - its not for the shy types,

happy cruising, Mark

Good you are enjoying it. :wink:
I have the 1400 Touring bought new in 2013. Great bike, though as you say shocks can be a bit harsh…but given the hefty weight, not too bad. I get 40 to 55mpg, best on a long fastish (65 to 75) top gear run, with cruise set.
I replaced my rear shocks for Ikons at 20000 miles. Much improved ride.
After 4 winters only the alloy sliders of the front forks need cosmetic attention…polish and lacquer required.

good to hear,
forgot to say that have fitted the later 'bars, much more comfy

and the cruise button on the right hand side, whats that about!! how are you supposed to operate whilst keeping the throttle in the same place?