Audace - running in impressions.

Safe to say this has been a big change for me, 30 years biking and most of that on big Adventure bikes (Japanese, BMW, KTM). I knew I wanted a change and probably a ‘naked’ roadster of some sort. Always been a fan of twins so various bikes in the frame. It really came down to wanting something a bit different and the new style Guzzis stood out, literally the right bike at the right time (and at a good discount). Will never be a Harley man, or Triumph for that matter so the deal was done on the Audace (maybe one of the last in the UK as it’s not imported now).

So to the bike: a lot to take in against the outgoing Yamaha Super Tenere: lower, longer, heavier, no screen and foot position forward. Has taken all this time to get used to it. Really impressed how smooth the motor is even at 0 miles. Love the shaky tick over. It’s going to be fun to get the full use of the rev range soon.

Steers well but needs some firm counter steering on sharp corners to get the machine round, a sign of the wheelbase no doubt. Brakes firm and clutch light (no issue finding neutral at a stop unlike another Italian bike I tested). Good traction (should be given the weight!) and pulls well from low rev’s thanks to good gearing (6th seems to be an over drive). Suspension maybe basic (no front adjusting) but seems to cope mostly.

Not done any long trips yet so long distance comfort still to be tested. The bike get used a lot for city commuting which is maybe not ideal but it copes even when hot. Attracts a fair bit of attention from other drivers too (do kids in cars wave at all Guzzi’s?). Build quality looks good, but will see after a UK winter with salted roads.

Love the style especially the rear end and the front fender. Perhaps some LED lights up front would have added a bit?
So far, so good, I could complain about lack of seat adjustment or the mirrors but these are niggles. The cruise control button is another matter – why is it on the right? Cannot set the thing without moving the throttle! Maybe some Italian trick is needed to make it work!

Of course the fuel gauge is a bit keen to head to empty, need to work out a reliable reserve range, at the moment I can have about 8 - 10 litres left when the lamp comes on? Book says 1.1 gallon.

Anyway its looking like the road is set for a good time, it’s definitely a stand out machine in various ways and nice to know there are not many around, at least in the UK.

Next job is to set up the shocks and then see what these engine modes are all about. Maybe get some C Bow panniers nearer end of year, the exhausts are staying as they are, plenty loud enough for me and why cover that engine sound?

Stay safe, :wink:
Mark, UK.

Look forward to the next instalment…

Now have over 5k miles on my “Fat Slag” (from August '16) and concur with most of the observations. I have a problem with finding neutral but used to that on Guzzis; actually find it needs a slight pressure to get into N rather than the large clunk the older bikes needed - something I am working on - size 12 feet dont help.
Added a H/B rack to get around the problem of no fixing points for luggage. Cut the TomTom plug off (under tank front left side) and fitted USB supply. Added fork gaiters and red pot covers purely for my taste.
There is a reasonable Audace F/Book page which has some more user info on his machine (also covers other 1400s). edit:
Taking it back to Mo-Tech for a service (warranty!) on my way to Settle in 2 weeks. Tyres replaced to Exedras last month. Rear gave me 3800. Cruise control button is a phaff. Continue to select indicator when trying to operate Mode button - doh!
Leave it in Turismo mostly - does most of what I want. Poggia when its chucking it down.
Had silencers replaced as coating blegs appeared - under warranty.
Pops a bit on the over run - great for sheep lined single tracks! May be cured at service. No map upgrade as far as I know available or indeed required.
Comfy but drag bars are maybe a bit extreme for long distance - may look at a slightly bent back at grip type just to lessen the slightly awkward bent wrist attitude required but it’s not critical.
Also leaving silencers as is although a few have gone for Agostini change out. If the coating comes off again then maybe…

thanks guys, considered the rack but the chrome colour puts me off on a black bike, will get the HB C Bow city style panniers and leave them on so the colour of the C brackets matters not. cannot go for the full width john wayne bags as commuting and filtering between lanes would get interesting!

gaiters - are they the type you can fit without removing the fork legs?

bars - assume only option is a complete change as they are bolted to the yoke, no space for risers etc?

any opinions on the traction control, believe its set to the least intrusive? does anyone bother moving it?

The chrome H&B is actually not that bad. I worried it would look a bit out of place but if in use you dont see it anyway! I posted pics a while back here:

Gaiters - no - I slipped the forks off to fit. Not too onerous a job.

Handlebars - well might look at the 2017 Carbon model bars - presumably they will be a straightforward swop / fit Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha etc etc…

Traction control - er… yes… quite.