AVANTI! At last.

This from Gary Johnstone, the author of the book ‘Classic Bikes’.Moto Guzzi starts at 13.25.I’ve downloaded it just in case it gets taken down.Enjoy.Hi AlanI’ve finally got the Italian Bikes show up on
the internet. I spoke to C4 and they are happy that your club has this
and that you can show it at meetings etc. Members can download copies
but no-one can make money out of it.
Here;s the linkhttps://vimeo.com/88067997You’ll need to enter a password. It’s:
lemansmk1Hope you enjoy.RegardsGary

I’ve just watched this. A fantastic insight into Italian motorcycles. Thank you for posting it.

Great stuff - really enjoyed watching that with my coffee this morning!

Thanks for posting. Lovely footage.
Very much missing my annual visits to lake Como :frowning:

I’ve just re watched this. I’d almost forgotten how good it was.
I originally had it on VHS tape from the first time it was broadcast, but when it finally wore out I managed to track down Gary, the producer and maker of the film.
He kindly obtained the original tape from Ch4 and got their permission to put it online.
Quite a few years ago now, and I hope he still rides his Le Mans…

Link no longer working. Does anyone have another link?

Google “avanti moto guzzi” and there’s a single “part 2” YouTube video (or was, immediately before posting this). I don’t know, but assume that “Part 2” is the Moto Guzzi section of a longer programme.

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