Avon tyres

found this the other night might be usefull to prevent swinging arm contact
its a pdf of all the tyres (road riders) and final dimensions when fitted to different size rims
even tellsyou how many turns per mile etc


found from the homepage http://www.avon-tyres.co.uk/motorcycle so i would imaging all models will have the same on the tech page

now would it be nice to find the same from all the other tyre makes

Ex smokingbiker2012-04-08 08:10:24

one point worth noting is the rim width. My new venom x is 4mm wider than the quoted spec. This is due to my bike having a 3.5" rim, not a 3" rim that avon use to produce the spec

When I fitted Avon Storm 2 I had this problem. Squeaked when I pushed it about. Just got a Stanley Knife and cut the edge off. Simples. Now continental are mag sponsers I may well change next time round.