B*st*rdised Guzzis

How about a section for bstrdised, or customised if you prefer Guzzis?
There are so many Guzzis out there that have had weird and wonderful, downright wrong and ugly things done to them.
Here are 2 of mine.
I hasten to add the pink one (aka Grayson) is now in many pieces waiting to be put back together again and will look like a Guzzi.
Previous owner had welded a 5kg bar of steel to the spine in order to fit the 2 piece Harley tank in the picture FFS

For me the second bike needs side panels, or better still V7 sport or 750S tool boxes to keep your sandwiches in, you can’t go posing on an empty stomach! :smiley:

How critical are we allowed to be? I wouldn’t want to shoot down another persons ride, but I know what I like. And this is in no way a reference to the pics posted so far.

Well put some pics up of what you like then…

From what I’ve seen issuing from Butch’s garage I would say he likes an eclectic mix of V twins, in line 4’s (not across the frame) and a sprinkling of smoke belching two stroke pocket rockets!

By the way, my comments about side panels above are my own likes, I was not suggesting that the OP needed some where to keep his sarnies or was going to go out posing, that was an observation on my own behavior…but then again my cafe racer has been off the road for 17 years or so…

Still too lazy to do pic reductions for this site. I post fairly regularly on the Club FB page but I accept that is not everyone’s first choice route to health and happiness.

So my initial post for a customised Guzzi section found no interest. Shame as there are probably more non standard Guzzis than standard ones out there…

Couple here, but I can’t do the picture thing from my tablet ,

My 950S

My mate Batty’s Mk 1 Le Mans

More pics of 950s please, effin gorgeous

No interest?
Seems to have prompted a few replies. The forum isn’t all that busy at present so something may well be better than nothing :wink:
There is also a history here and in the broader Guzzi community of people being reluctant to post pictures for fear of heavy duty critique.
Have added a couple of pictures f my Mongrel T3-1100i. Not my work as it was 95% sorted when I bought it. The combination of two “worse for wear and scrap” bikes so more salvage than Bstrdised.
Mongrel as received.png
Fingers crossed for a few more responses.

Plenty of pics taken of the outside of mine on here, so here are some close up pics of bastardised bits inside. In the top pic you can see the …
Cable operated seat latch, the Hayter lawnmower control lever is hidden under the tank

Micro pressure contacts between seat and frame for the stop n tail light which is housed in the seat. ‘‘Twas a Bastid to set up, took up nearly three months of flaffing about with different designs! It does however mean that the seat comes away fully and not restricted by trailing wires

The black disc on the left is the keyless ignition. With the fob in my right leather trouser pocket, the bike comes alive when I stand beside it to take it off the stand :sunglasses:


I could do with something similar for heated clothing. Perhaps there is a commercial opportunity there?

Where would you hide the plug and socket? :astonished:


Nice bike Phil

Cheers Chilly

My Convert. The paint that I so carefully applied has all crazed. As I am a potter who makes raku pottery it is quite appropriate! I might get round to repainting it some time but till then it will be called “Raku.”

Where’s the like button gone to?


Nice bike :sunglasses: