B750 ECU reset

As mentioned on another post, I had the +ve battery terminal come loose on the Breva, leading to it having starting issues. During the process of finding this out and tightening it back up again, I would guess the bike was disconnected from the battery for at least a short period, and reconnected briefly several times. The alarm certainly was happy once or twice.

However since then, whilst I no longer have starting problems, low rev running has been atrocious unless very warm (as it has been recently). Certainly the first few miles each day are a challenge unless large handfuls of throttle are used. Once revving though, goes like stink of course.

Now I’m running Mistrals, without baffles, which always makes it a bit rougher low down, but not as much as this. The difference was very noticable.

Question is this; has the ECU just reset, and will it learn again? Or is it possible that something else has been damaged (like the ECU?!?) and is now failed/failing?

[I haven’t put the baffles back in; I might do as this usually improves (and quietens) things.]