Back brake pads

How long does your back brake pads last mines on the third set now needing another set also the front caliper pistons prone to sticking you need to clean and lube them my bikes only just done over 15,000 ml would like to have done more miles but bang to the head last year put paid to that plus waiting on the DVLA didn’t help rant over .

Every other rear tyre. That must be 16000 per set.

My Stelvio has done 18,000 miles and I am still on the original set, note to self check the brake pads!

PS Mine are not linked though :confused:

Also watch when replacing new pads on the front leave the bolts slightly loose pull the brake lever to centre the caliper then tighten the bolts I’ve had them lock on I always do one side at a time less chance of coming off smoke coming off your front end Not good .

Grease your front and back brake pins had to grind one out it was seized had to buy a Dremel grinder to do the job keep your old pads youse them as shims to get the back Pistons to free off mine always seize solid a good scrub with brake cleaner and some small brushes seems to free them off .

On the 950S, I have stainless pins, pad clips, bleed nipples and bolts on my calipers. They all get a bit of copperslip whenever they are taken apart. I should do the same with the Stelvio, maybe when the 950 is on the road…

Who was the supplier for those Chris?

Shaw Stainless

I cant remember where I got the spring clips from though, but someone out there makes them. Shaw Stainless do pins for later Guzzis as well.

+1 for Shaw Stainless

Sorry but the new Cali’s ,Audace.Elderados have Radial calipers also bled the front brake just before my Mot still not great three bleed nipples do you have to do the master system one first then right then left last,the bike did pass its Mot or is it the Pistons still sticking ?

Did the old tie the front lever back with a zip tie overnight got a lot more pressure going to use the Acf-50 to lube the Pistons on the calipers hopefully no more sticking ? On that note the brakes seem to work great when the pads have plenty of meat on them the minute they wear down they start to stick .

I use Brembo grease on my pistons, I’ve must have mentioned this before I’ve had to do this on both Piaggio scooters and the Ural, all have bare steel pistons, no cover or protection so will just corrode and jam up. I think grease lasts longer than just spraying something on. My first scooter, second hand, I discovered the problem by all I wanted to do was turn the front wheel so I can get a tyre pump on it, absolutely solid; jacked up the front, still couldn’t turn it! Both calipers had to come off, pads out, good clean up, press and pump the pistons several times, Fortunately worked no need to go further in or new calipers. Subsequent new scooter then the Ural had this treatment as preventative measure albeit brand new!

I just think Uk riders use there bikes more in the rain and the rain probably washes any lube of the Pistons back when guzzi used to use solid cast iron discs I used to take the pads out twice or three times a year just to clean all the brown rust off them .

So did I! :smiley:

Whoever’s designing the calipers is not thinking about in what conditions they might be used. Yes I think the manufacturers believe we’re all summer sunshine only riders!

My grease is standing up pretty well so far.

Looks like might have to get a new master cylinder every time i take the bike out I get to the new bus bay about a hundred yards from my house I then have stamp several times on the pedal to free off the back brake pads then manage to get out on the bike only traveling five miles Officer! The caliper pads Pistons all cleaned within a inch of there life I will take the bike to jim Allens and get them to fix it I give up hopefully be aloud to go further on the bike soon ?

I was right new master cylinder needed my Cali is waiting for a new master Cylinder at Jim Allens to arrive only lasted just over 18,000 ml I will let you know how much when I get the bill ?

Hi Del, I would be really interested in knowing what the problem was with the master cylinder. It should have certainly lasted than it did. I hope Jim Allens can give you some insight. hopefully you will be able to take the failed one away and strip and inspect it to establish the root cause of the problem. Good luck, Phil

Got the Cali back today waited about a week for the master cylinder to turn up it is August so not to bad it came to 188 pounds that’s parts and labour so that’s not to bad the old master cylinder shaft was really corroded and was totally knackered so when I got the bike home I sprayed the new assembly with ACF 50 hopefully this won’t happen again ?