balance weights - Breva

Having enjoyed a lovely ride out on the Breva yesterday, with its new front tyre, and then returned to find what seem to have been the new balance weights on the floor of the garage beside where the bike had been parked, I find myself wondering how much difference those balance weights would have made if they’d still been attached to the wheel? Can I take my time arranging to have the wheel rebalanced, or am I risking a tank-slapper at any moment, or even just excessive tyre wear?Graham UK2014-03-10 07:57:54

What weight was involved? If the rim was not cleaned properly they won’t stick too well. Best take it back and get them to rebalance it, the tyre fitter should guarantee his work. It’s not difficult to do it yourself though. You need to get the front wheel off the ground, remove brake pads or callipers complete to stop drag. Then spin the wheel slowly and watch where it stops. Do this several times. If it stops in a different place each time, and never goes back on itself like a pendulum, then you can be fairly sure there is no real problem with balance.If it always stops with one point at the bottom, particularly if it pendulums, then add a weight opposite that point and repeat the excercise.

Thanks Brian. I’d forgotten all about that way of balancing a wheel. However, the tyre fitter was happy to rebalance the wheel this afternoon, so all is well. He blamed the adhesive on his latest batch of weights, and this time used one left over from his old batch - hasn’t fallen off yet.

All’s well that ends well.