Bar switch threads


The threads that hold the LH switch gear on the bars are all but stripped so I can’t tighten everything so that it is “just so”

Anyone tried fitting a helicoil to them to recover the thread?

Can be helicoiled if enough material on them i have repaired many a Suzuki one with epoxy putty just filled the hole completely then when cured drilled and re-tapped them never had one fall off

I had a similar problem with my Commando, what I did was smooth the inner diameter of the hole with a rat tail file, then used a slightly bigger,(ever so slightly bigger!),drill bit in a tap holder, turning by finger pressure, to get it as cylindrical and smooth as possible, I then tapped the next screw size up and used the appropriate larger diameter screws. I felt that by using larger diameter screws I also got a better grip between the two half’s of the switchgear.

This has worked for me before, two pack adhesive-mix some up-VERY WELL- smear around hole-allow to almost set-carefully do up screws. It will last for a while but due to the size of the threads you are working with, nothing will be permanent, in my opinion. Stop being a gorilla with yer screwdrivers and don’t keep undoing them. If you worry about screws falling out use a dot of silicone gasket as ‘gentle’ threadlock.
Another tip for switches is to use an accuratly trimmed (before or after fitting) patch of innertube to a. Stop the switches moving around. and b. add a layer of water resistance.
No guarantees, its just what I do. Hope it helps.

JB Weld has repaired clipon brackets, pewter pots etc for me.A friend fixed a cracked Jap 4 valve cover with it.