Bargain (NEW Stelvio)

So, if on reading this forum the answer to ‘Which motorcycle should I get?’ is a Stelvio, Denbigh Motorcycles are currently advertising what may be the best deal ever on a new one.

Brand new, unregistered (but 2012 model) black with cast wheels: £7,999

No connection by the way - I was just very impressed with that price! Listing was seen on ebay today.


I wouldn’t buy it unless the dealer retrofits the roller cam kit before sale
regards keith

Maybe they will, but at that price :confused:

The 8V cam follower issue has been an interesting subject to read up on (I have drawn my own conclusions). I compare it to the BMW final drive issue that, it would seem, is ready to pounce and gobble up the FDs on the pre-WC GS models at any time.

It’s still a good deal, assuming it’s still there.