Would anyone out therein Guzziland be able to tell me what car battery I could use in my Spada as I have heard that this is possible but for the life of me I can’t remeber what I was told …DOH

The most common car battery fitted by people, including myself, in the early 1980’s was a Ford Escort Type 9333 ordinary battery, or a sealed for life 137 or 037, the Escort would have been a early /mid 1970’s model, a tight fit but it fits, I have not fitted a car battery in any of my Guzzis since around the late 1980’s as I prefer to fit something like a 530030 battery which is made for the job, I use a company called ManBat in Manchester , fair prices £50 last one in June last year, and they have a big turnover so you do not get a battery which has been sat around on the shelf for years, in these credit crunch times you could ring as many local battery dealers as poss and go to the cheapest dealer.

Northwest, Thanks very much for the info and just in time for the weekend could have the ol girl running soon thanks again.

Another option are the “oddessey” type batteries Look at the “Tanya” website they give alternatives BUT then check your dealer guzzibear2013-03-29 09:01:55

I’ve had a very frustrating experience with my battery, having bought the bike (only a month ago), I thought I would put it on charge for a few hours. The following morning I removed the cap of number 1 cell to check the electrolite level, the dambed thing blew up in my face, spraying me with sulphuric acid, no ignition just severe pressurisation…

The battery being only a few months old and having possesion of the receipt I thought I would have a go at making a claim. it’s a long and boring story but I ended up with the forementioned ‘Manbat’ they being in charge of technical and warranty procedures. (the unit was bought in from a dealer 100 miles away from me).

The chap confirmed that Varta have an unconditional 2 year guarantee system, though when I suggested that I would pop down there for a replacement his tone changed markedly, he informed me that the overwhelming chances were that I had abused the product in some way and hinted that they very rarely give new batteries away… I took the hint and decided to put the whole thing down to experience.

I did what I intended to do in the first place and fitted a 100 ah car battery in the sidecar boot. Do other people do this?
john orentas2009-03-04 21:48:04

I have a car battery under the seat. One thing tho’ when charging a standard lead acid battery I have always loosened the battery caps, unless it is of the new “sealed” type. This used to be written on the battery as charging advice as the pressurisation is not a new thing.

Charging on the standard lead acid battery will almost always produce gas and that gas is highly explosive so loosen the vent caps, and make sure the area is well vented. Oh and be very very careful when removing the charger as a spark in the area of a newly charged battery can cause a violent explosion.

I had a very good friend burned severely when, after charging his car battery overnight in his garage he popped the bonnet and pulled off the croc clips before going to work. The spark ignited the gas and boom a flash and burnt hands arms and face, nasty.guzzibear2009-03-04 19:24:51

I’ve had very good luck on my '79 1000sp with lawn mower batteries…320 cranking amps on the new one I just bought. They’re quite small and fit in the narrow slot no problem…cheap in Canada too.

I understand that many Japanese bikes are now using ‘gell’ type batteries, they have a very similar apperance but we must be aware that they require a different charging regime, for one thing they should be charged at no more than 13.9 volts as opposed to the 14.6 volts that many modern systems use.

Yes you need a trickle charger or you fry them.
I know unfortunatley.

Ive seen pics of very small batteries (probably Gel type) fitted to some cafe racers that have been made ? they tuck them forward between the two cyls. Nice neat solution for a tidy looking cafe racer, but are these ok ? someone told me that the starter can be changed to compensate for the smaller battery ? is this true ?Appreciate any advice because I am building one too !

I’m not going to bother typing it all again. Try using search.

Under what? Gel, Gell, Jelly or, what’s that other strange one…

…oh yeah AGM!

GJguzzijack2009-05-06 08:31:02

You can use a smaller battery,but the reserve you have will be smaller.
For example my cali has a 210 watt max output on the generator at 2500rpm.
So add up all the load ,like fuel pumps lights etc. you do not have a lot of power in reserve.
And when the revs drop below 2500 even more load come onto the battery.
I do know you can do about 16 miles with lights on,and the bike not charging on a standard 30 amp battery.thats from experience.

You can mount AGM or Gel Batteries in most places.
Try to shield from vibration and heat.
The only thing you should never do is mount the battery with the terminals at the bottom.
Over time it causes a short over the plates.

I believe the very small batteries are called LiPo batteries, mad expensieve…like hundreds of pounds!!

Mo, how the h#ll did this do a jesus h christ and get ressurected?
Anyway i used Tanya and when it failed after 6 months they sent a replacement after a phone call, no quibbles and I thought the origonal price ok.iandunmore2012-06-13 15:50:49

its not just the charging voltage John its the amps as well
on a lead acid battery you should always remove the caps before charging in case the fitted vent is blocked
also enver use a car charger they kick out between 2 to 6 amps
you need about 800 milliamps to 1 amp
best is an optimate as this regulates the charge

Just for info I have had my Odyssey battery in my Le Mans V for 10 years now and it is still going strong (hope that isn’t famous last words!). I would recommend them for bikes that get put away for winter like mine does. It starts first press of the button come Spring and doesn’t need charging. Amazing.

That standing does not do a battery any good,the plates sulphate.Leading to premature failure.

Having used escort batteries for years in mt Le mans I now have a Motobatt which I bought from 3 years ago. The bike sits for months at a time and always starts easily.My Tuono 1000 would never start when frosty with a Yuasa but with the Motobatt can sit in the snow for a week and still start.Everyone I have reccommended them to have been happy. (Apart from the bright yellow colour! A friend has painted both his black.)