Battery Charger

Popped into Twiggers yesterday, WOW the big Cali looks sooooo good in the metal… I was fair drooling BUT they have some of the Oximate chargers good for lead acis/gel and others for a sale price of £29+ pence well worth it for the bikes with any sort of drain on them. This is one mentioned in Dec Ride Mag as for nearly all Bike batteries and can be left on 24/7

By the way they only have a few ltd numbers and do mail order… well worth it I reckon.

i looked at chargers a few times, but mine sits for 4 months over the winter and starts easily in the spring so i have never bothered

Highly recommended, keeping it up to spec lengthens the life. I swear by mine and that seems a good deal!

By all accounts they do keep the AGM and other batteries up to power longer, I naver had any probs starting on a laed acid battery but I do keep the bikes in use all year round. BUT the AGM’s it does reccomend to extend the life to use a mtce thingy.

There was a real good article on this in December Ride Magazine.

Yes the chargers are in Halfords …same one at £49 and some pence so well worth the cost if you are looking.

I actually bought some Winter gloves Spada Force 2 WP gloves , in one of the surveys as “reccomended” and they too were a decent saving on the normal selling price. Used them today to ride to work and back and it IS real cold hands were toasty when I got home whicjh is far from the norm…for me … Another reeesult…

is it best to disconect the the battery with a trickle charger or can you leave it connected 0r could it cause problems with the can bus electrics fitted to some bikes thanks for any advice

With any charger that puts out a constant charge it’s best to have the battery on the bench and switch the charger off when it’s fully charged.However all these more expensive controlled output chargers are designed to charge the battery in situ and connected to the vehicle. They all come with a lead that can be permanently wired to the bike. I’ve used them on BMW bikes with the can bus electrics for years with no ill effect.

thanks for that ill leave it on the bike in future