Battery charging a V7 Classic

Reading the manual (sad…I know!) for my newly acquired V7 it seems you have to remove the battery to put it on charge.
I have a an Optimate type device in my garage and up to now have just left the T3 Cali plugged in when not in use.
The V7 will no doubt have electronic bits and bobs, would it do damage to fit an Optimate charging lead?
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It is best practice to remove the battery to charge it on any vehicle. The manual is probably just reflecting this. You have to remember when reading these documents, they are written in a manner to prevent litigation potential.

Worth double checking with Optimate but I’m sure that they’re designed to charge batteries in-situ and avoid damage. Had no problem to date with the Guzzis and a couple of LandRovers.
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The seat rail makes it difficult to take the venting plugs out of the cells to the battery’s left. Longnose pliers help.


Had the exact same issue with the X10. However owner’s book goes on to say must not exceed 14.5 Volts, as there is a permanently live cigar lighter socket which could be used for a charger (and I do).

However I had to modify my ancient charger by adding a Zener regulator diode so that it won’t exceed 14V. Or hardly at all.

So if Optimate has the same kind of regulation you should be OK.