Battery? Check your dealer

Recently had to go get a lead acid battery for the V1000 the AGM’s don’t cut it on a Bosch equipped bike. local dealer was very very compeditive ot worth going to the hassle of postal ordering and the hassle of filling/charging the new battery and a Guarrantee SO whan the 535 virago battery was shot looked online…£35+ phoned local dealer £34.99 all done ready to fit …

I like to let folks know as I figure use 'em or loose 'em BUT in these times it also needs to be cost effective. I also find local dealers very very compeditive on tyres and brill with keys and alot of other stuff and service parts For the folks at Twiggers yet again…

I am currently looking for a replacement battery to fit a G5/T3 and possibly an 1100i cali. The latter was fitted with a Motobatt AGM over a year ago,however the bike has been sat around for a while. The battery is now completely discharged (possibly dead) I now have it on an old style charger to try and tease some life into it. Because the optimate would not register anything. I did see that Gutsibits recommend charging these with a Ctek charger (£56.00).

The G5 item was a Bosch M4 age unknown, it also appeared to be fully discharged, after pleading with it the optimate is registering that it’s recovering ie showing an amber light. I’m not sure whether it’s going to make it back to full strength .

Today I have been searching online for a ‘ride on’ mower/tractor battery (don’t laugh), I’ve found a couple of 30/32 Ah capacity, Hankook and Numax reasonably priced at about £33.00 post free. These all appear to be the same casing with a different name label

I would prefer to buy something that I can see first…there is a Shield battery dealer locally so I will try them tomorrow.

Got one of these for mine. Was reccomended by somebody here couple of years ago.

The AGM’s need a higher charging Voltage than the old Bosch generator design on the Tonti bikes et al can provide, 14.5V I think it has to be.

Ergo ONLY put original equiv. type lead acid ones on the old bikes. (Not AGM.)

I’ve also got a ride-on mower battery in my loop. Much cheaper than “correct” battery from Halfords, although I had to swap the terminals on my leads to suit. Seems to hold charge all winter.
Got it from Wrekin Country Stores, but I guess there are equivalent farm/garden places in most towns.

Exide do the AGP batteries [for the1200’s] and are chepaer than Yuasa

My MKIII Lemon ran on an AGM no problem for years.
It kicked out 14.5 volts.
If yours doesn’t you probably have a faulty system.
However I did run with an uprated regulator and West Country Rewinds rewound rotor.