Battery for V7 Classic

I may need to fit a new battery to replace the Yuasa YTX14AHL-BS, but any other suggestions, Gel, etc.?

Also I’m not sure where to find the main earth point?BobV72014-01-09 15:17:17

Hi Bob, have found the Motobatt to be a good replacement, designed for marine use and has optional terminals built in. The main earth point is where the negative battery lead is bolted to the frame, always worth a clean up when replacing battery.Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks mate, I’ll check that out.

The main reason I asked was that my Optimate showed up red and amber lights when I was charging the battery on the bike. It seems OK now I’ve taken it off the bike and put it on charge again; two green lights this time. Is it possible the problem was caused by a bad earth or could it be due to a short somewhere on the bike?

Questions, questions and still I don’t know what to have for tea. Help!BobV72014-01-09 20:05:21

I occasionally get that with my Optimate (which is becoming fairly elderly) and the use it gets involves plugging into permanent flying leads from the battery with a corresponding plug in type connector. These metal contacts some times become loose with use and I suggest you poke a screwdriver down the connector to try reseating the pins and narrow the female ends in the connector if that is what you have. Obviously the Optimate should be powered down whilst doing this!
This cured mine doing something similar to your symptoms.

edit: The Optimate will give a red light if during the charge it detects a dip - as when the connection breaks momentarily if the contacts are loose and it was moved slightly.

RS components fo example sell these leads which are worth getting and you can connect the charger without disconnecting batteries and removing covers etc on the bike. This flying lead also can provide 12v supply to phone chargers via a socket for USB outlets and the like (Maplin) and other low consumption devices, if on the road.
I think Roger S had an article on this in a recent-ish Gamba.Mad Farquhar2014-01-10 14:12:26

You mean these connectors? This is what I use, they match the connectors fitted to my CTEK charger.
Brian UK2014-01-11 09:43:32

Good tip about the lead connection. I already use flying leads as you suggest. The battery was OK tested off the bike so I’ve cleaned up the main earth lead and put it back on to test. Have to see what happens. Cheers.

Update. Success! Two green lights, one flashing away happily.

Cheers all.