Battery light on , on tickover & using heated grip

Just done over 480 miles on new V85TT, and battery light came on , and went off when I turned heated Guzzi grips off, but, with grips off, on tickover, battery light comes on again, but goes off when revs applied, just started going this, any ideas? Light is bottom left hand side of screen , thanks, Simon

If the tick over RPM is as it should be ie 1100 to 1150 then I suspect you may have a charging problem. I believe tick over is set by the ECU so it will probably need dealer intervention.

Thank you, it’s due it’s first service at I think 800 miles, so I’ll let them deal with it, it’s just started today with coming on under load, or, tickover

might be worth checking that the battery terminals are tight. Extra resistance here on live or earth reduces the charge that the battery gets and also reduces the power you get back out of the battery.
Simples to check

I’ll do that, thank you

I’ve had a few battery warning lights during cold weather, but the battery has been fine and once I start the engine it goes out. the app was sending notifications telling me ‘your battery is K.O.’ so i turned that option off.

have you put a volt meter on the battery when engine running? my cali was having problems with battery going flat and it turned out to be the regulator/rectifier.

Thank you , I’ll check all the inputs from u guys, cheers

thank you, its booked in now