Battery options

It’s time for a new battery on the 1000S. Had an Odyssey 680 on for years, leaves room for some tools, but I think I might go for something a bit bigger as I wonder if it was sometimes a bit near it’s limits, particularly as the Rita system seems to need a good battery to work well. What do you folks out there use? Bigger Odyssey? Motobatt? One off a Ford Escort?


… and it’s got Rita…

Only 2 yrs old mind.

I’ve got a lawnmower battery in my loop too. Got it from the farm supply place locally. On its second year now. When I put the Optimate on it after winter rest it didn’t need any charge at all.

Yeah - I use Lucas ride on mower batteries. About 50 squid and last 10 years.

Have a look at Gel batteries further down the page.

I’ve got an Odyssey PC625 on my 1000Sp, also fitted with Lucas Rita. No problems at all. I don’t think I would use anything else now, works faultlessly & appears to be long lasting (six years & counting) so no reason to change.