Battery Re-location - V50

Yes, nice bike, though I prefer the black and gold version. Good to see it’s still around in one form or another.italianmotor2013-12-07 09:08:41

All that work for a monoshock rear end… I agree the black gold looked, to me better.

The monoshock was a Harris conversion apparently they only did two frames

Bit pointless on a Tonti frame, they handle so well anyway.

I agree it is also re inventing something that was improved BY Guzzi on the V11 Le mans…more power…far better suspension and that fantastic 6 speed box.

I admire custom bikes of all types but sometimes I do wonder “why” But hey whatever turns you on I guess.

I have sometimes wondered if it was worthwhile putting carbs on a V11, but then it is probably far better to get the FI sorted…mind you it is, for me, always a balance of what I would love to do and what I can afford to do! as ever.

Mind you it does tickle me that the 'Mericans have JUST discovered “The Cafe Racer!” Oh yeah and they seem to wish to become “Rockers”

The way some of them go on about it you would think THEY invented the idea. Some of the bikes they make are nice but some I just smile Well you gotta aincha!guzzibear2013-12-07 14:36:04

If your climate is anything like it is in Wales, I would be very keen on waterproofing a battery box under the gearbox…

…and is literally a couple of miles away from me. I think maybe in time one of those batteries may be the way to go…it would still have to find its way under the gearbox or if they’re not too deep, under the seat. This bike is going to be definitely a keeper simply due to the sentimental value of me and my dad building it.

It won’t be seeing rain I have been in touch with the guy who owns the T3 at the top of the post, Hal and he has kindly sent me some photos of how he mounted the battery so that has given me the confidence to give it a go. watch this space…

Make sure it’ll clear speed bumps The agm type batteries fitted on their side have a much lower profile BUT if you are running a Bosch starter they do seem to get drained easily. The Valeo turns over ok but on my Tonti bike the agm battery died I went back to an oEM type lead acid, far better for cold morning starts.

Thanks for the advice.

This page can give you some pointers: Battery box

Thanks Adam! That gives me a really good idea how it would go together. Brilliant. Quite expensive bought off the shelf I note!

Wouldn’t be too hard to make, just very time consuming.

With regards to the Shorai battery. Anyone interested can read my review on this forum. Everything I have said still stands true. In fact I no longer give a thought to batteries and starting. I just press the button and go.

Well I have knocked up a template…very rough mind and put in an approximate position under the bike and I think it just might work I shall be dispensing of the centre stand and will fix a sturdy band/strap around the box that will be fixed to the centre stand frame mounting. Cant see any clearance issues from the rough mock up. Additional mounting supports would be preferable but there doesnt really appear to be anywhere else I can put additional mounts. The plan is to use 1mm aluminium sheet cut to a template and folds used with minimal joins which will be joined together with rivets. Looks fab in my head!

After much thought on the matter, I think on this bike I am going to leave the battery in the standard position, with or without the side panels.