Battery Re-location - V50

I am considering relocating my V50’s battery to under the frame in a similar way to this lovely T3…Anyone attempted/done this or have the engineering knowledge to see how it’s been done and whether it’s a tricky job? I believe the centre stand was dumped to do this, which I am doing with mine anyway, and the mount used in some way to suspend the battery box.

All that needs is a box of some kind that can hang off some convenient mounting bolts.

IMHO this is a much neater solution, nothing dangling out in the wind - scroll down for pics: link

That’s a neat bike . Who cares about mass centralisation anyway

We’re talking V50, not a Moto GP bike!! Smaller (than that) sealed 12v batteries can be found easily nowadays. Anyway, it’ll counterbalance the heavy motor…

TeeHee - only joking IM . :slight_smile:)

I would hang it under the bike,rather than over the bike,
The smaller the better i would think.You could probaly get away with a 12 amp on that bike.
A good quality one.

I like that V50 and if having that type of seat then under the hump is a good solution…although I am looking at modifying the original seat to be a flat tuck and roll type. I really want to have the frame visible all the way through as the emphasis is on lightness…I think the battery I have got is an Odyssey gel type.

In that case, yes, hanging it somewhere under the bike is pretty much the only solution.

I myself like side panels, they make the bike look more solid. Even better V7 Sport or 750S tool boxes, somewhere to put your spanners (its a Guzzi you know you are going to need them!)
My mate Batty put his battery in the seat hump on his LM I below

Just love that bike. Pure period class.

I wonder what colour it is.Gloss black or brg would both be good.

Don’t forget you can put the Oddysey battery on its side, which may make installation under the gearbox much neater.

It was black because sadly most of the bike appeared on Ebay in big lumps a year or so again. Had a monoshock frame.

Mounting under the gearbox from the centre stand would seem to be the way assuming I can fabricate or get fabricated the right kind of box to keep the battery in. I shall do some measuring up to see whether it would fit under on its side and not foul the swingarm or anything.

It seems to me you will be spending a fair bit of money so how about going for a much smaller battery you can mount practically anywhere? The Shorai Lithium Iron batteries are incredible small and light. The high cost will will be offset by the reduced need for brackets and associated labour costs.

And the fact that they generally have twice the life span of lead acid batteries. (Only applicable if you intend keeping the bike though).

Very interesting, I plan to buy one of these and to hear they have twice the life span is very encouraging

This is the claim made by the manufacturers, haven’t seen any actual proof yet, they are too new.

Worth speaking to Phil at Carrot Cycles, good bloke, knows his stuff and is a UK distributor for Shorai.

Black and gold with a matching Guinness can to catch oil from the breathers. The bodywork was on eBay but I have also traced the bike. Still has nickle plated frame (later mod by Batty than the photo I posted) and Harris mono-shock rear end but now with the battery below the gearbox. Nice bike!

Chris950s2013-12-07 07:52:17