Battery Suggestions 1979 V50

When I got my 1979 V50 donor bike for the project I am currently building it had an allegedly new Odyssey PC625 gel type battery on it. The previous owner had done the bike up and never used it on the road so the battery needed charging recently when I was testing the wiring. It now does not hold a charge so want to get a different battery and wondered what other people are using or any recommendations for a replacement…links or comments appreciated. Thanks

got a motobat agm on my v35, great started even when cold and been stood for month

only niggle is its much smaller than stock and needed strap altering to cope

On my lemon the new gel type bty is so small i can carry a spare inner tube alongside it.
No worries about venting acid gas as it is a sealed bty.

Thanks guys…I let my dad decide seeing as he was paying for it!..and he has picked another Odyssey PC625 as they do come highly recommended…see how it goes.

No sealed batts must still be able to vent gas, else they’ll go off ‘bang’ if the pressure is high enough! There should be little holes somewhere for it and you may be required to remove little plugs from them when you receive a new battery. BUT if they do vent it means the electrolyte level drops, and you can’t top it up. To offset this sealed LA batts have a reserve of electrolyte at the top, where there’s some increased space so level has further to drop before the plates begin to be exposed.